Before you buy guitar t shirts: types, themes, designs – listing

If you’re looking for things like Guitar t-shirts, you belong to one of two groups: 1. You play the guitar and want to buy a guitar t-shirt for yourself. 2. You know someone who plays the guitar or loves guitar music and don’t know what guitar shirt to buy them as a gift. This article will show you the main types of themes for guitarists’ shirt prints, including funny guitar shirts, tee shirts with guitars on them, shirts with specific guitars from specific manufacturers, bass guitar shirts, and more.

Guitar T shirts: For You or as a Gift

As I mentioned before, people who buy cool guitar shirts usually belong to one of two groups:

1) they play the guitar themselves and are usually looking for something specific for themselves,
2) they are looking for t shirts for guitar players as a surprise for someone who plays the guitar.

If you play the guitar, then you definitely know better what you are looking for. You already know whether it will be a t-shirt with an electric or acoustic guitar, whether it will be a fun t shirt with a guitar or a more serious shirt with a specific type or even brand of guitar. If you don’t play the guitar but are looking for a t-shirt for someone who does, this article will be much more useful to you because you will learn how many themes and designs with guitars can be found in stores with t shirts designed for guitarists. So let’s start with the most popular types of shirts for guitarists.

Guitar t shirts – funny guitar shirts

Funny guitar shirts is a category that includes a huge number of funny designs. Some of these designs will only make guitarists laugh, and people who don’t play won’t know why a particular design is funny to guitarists. If you don’t play but want to buy a funny t-shirt, you can look at rankings of stores or categories in t-shirt stores. For example, the number of positive comments or the number of purchased shirts with a specific guitar-related design will tell you about its popularity. If a certain guitar print on a t-shirt doesn’t make you laugh but you see that it’s popular, you can assume that guitarists will understand a particular joke that you don’t find amusing.

Attention: if you are interested in funny t-shirts for guitarists, be sure to check out the Interactive T-shirt for guitarists


Below are some examples of funny guitar shirts that appear in various places in different variations, but it seems that they are available at any time.

Guitar Evolution T-Shirt

Guitar Evolution T-Shirt (evolution of a guitarist t shirt) is a design that shows several figures evolving from a monkey to a guitarist. It is, of course, inspired by the images depicting human evolution in line with Darwin’s theory. Today, no one seems to remember who first described the “evolution of a guitarist” in this amusing way, as the Guitar Player Evolution T Shirt can be found on hundreds of websites and in hundreds of variations, colors, and techniques. Some Guitar Evolution T Shirts show only the outlines of monkey and human figures and the guitarist at the end, while others are more detailed or colorful. Differences in Guitar Evolution T-Shirts are often related to the final human figure – that is, the guitarist’s silhouette. Various variations of the human-guitarist figure can be found in different positions, and some of them are additionally humorous.

Guitar T-Shirts Sorry I-DGAF… with funny, hidden message

Guitar T-Shirts with Hidden, Funny ‘Sorry I-DGAF‘ Message, is also a design for guitar players who know guitar chords. On the Sorry I-DGAF T-shirts, the letters DGAF are markings of guitar chords. “DGAF” is an acronym for the slang expression “Don’t give a f…”, which literally means “I don’t care” or “I have no regard for this.” Therefore, it seems that in the context of the print on the “Sorry I-DGAF Funny Hidden Message Guitar T-Shirt”, “I-DGAF” means “I don’t give a f…”.

To decipher the funny inscription, you need to recognize which guitar chords are represented by the print on the T-shirt. If you play the guitar, you should know that some chords have names consisting of capital letters. It is these chords that are depicted on these T-shirts in a specific order.

Funny guitar DAD shirt with chords

This popular and somewhat humorous design contains a hidden message. Of course, guitarists shouldn’t have any trouble figuring out which 3 guitar chords are depicted on the shirt (or rather, it’s 2 chords since one of them – D major – appears at the beginning and end, while A major is in the middle, which together can be “read” as the word DAD). If the chords shown on the shirt spell out the word DAD, all you need to do is add a few extra words. This way, you can get a shirt for a guitarist with the phrase “Best DAD ever” or a guitar shirt that says “Best DAD”. You can buy such a shirt once a year as a Guitar Chord Dad T-Shirt Funny Father’s Day Gift.

T-shirt Guitar Players Finger Better (or Bass Players Finger Better)

These shirts come in two versions – for “regular” guitar players and for bass guitar players. The phrase “guitar players finger better” on the shirt is a double-edged joke that can be interpreted in several ways and can also be perceived as inappropriate or offensive by some people. The word “finger” can mean “playing with fingers” (in the context of playing guitar), but it can also have a second meaning related to touch. Therefore, the phrase “guitar players finger better shirt” can mean “guitarists play better with their fingers”, but also “guitarists touch better”.

Funny guitar christmas tree t shirt

Funny guitar Christmas tree t-shirt is another gift idea for a guitarist, especially during the Christmas season. It’s a narrow category of products, but it turns out that there are guitarists who want to combine two things on one funny, holiday-themed shirt. This refers to a christmas guitar t shirt. A shirt with a Christmas tree and a guitar is a great gift idea. Such a shirt can entertain family and friends during a shared celebration at the Christmas Eve table. Although it can be worn for a few days a year, it should be remembered that the holidays are every year, so it will serve the guitarist for many years. The funny guitar christmas tree t shirt presented here uses two motifs – a Christmas tree and Leonardo da Vinci’s drawing. By the way, if you like this combination, be sure to check out the Leonardo da Vinci T-Shirt: Man and Guitar Drawing.

Da Vinci Man Guitar shirt black

Acoustic guitar t shirts 

Among guitarists, there is a division between those who play electric guitars and those who play acoustic guitars. For the latter, there are many options for acoustic guitar t-shirts available on the market. The print on acoustic guitar t shirt usually features two elements. The first is the guitar, and the second is some kind of signature. If you play the guitar, you can easily find an acoustic guitar t-shirt. I can advise you that if you want to buy an acoustic guitar t-shirt for a guitarist who exclusively plays on an electric guitar, they are most likely not going to be satisfied with such a gift. Many people can play the acoustic guitar, but playing the electric guitar is a higher level of skill, so it’s important to know whether our guitarist friend plays an electric or acoustic guitar. If it’s an acoustic one, then a t-shirt with an acoustic guitar will surely please them.

Bass guitar t shirts

Bass guitar shirts are much less popular than shirts for “regular” guitarists. The reason is simple – there are fewer bassists. In addition to the instrument, they usually need a band, and some of them also need a Bass Guitar Shirt. Such shirts usually contain an outline of a bass guitar and some funny text. Bass player shirts are worth having if you play bass in a band. If you meet another bassist in a bass player t-shirt, it can be fun. Besides, bass guitarists often have a kind of complex related to the fact that they don’t play guitar. You know, guitarists are more popular with girls than bassists, but this can be explained by statistics – there are fewer bass guitarists.

Electric guitar t shirts

Electric guitar t-shirts are a perfect idea for a gift and present for a true guitarist. Every guitarist who plays professionally or even amateurishly on electric guitars must love it, because it involves a significant investment. Why do we write about it? Because if your friend, husband, brother, or someone else close to you is interested in electric guitar, you can be sure that they will be very happy with electric guitar t-shirts. The selection of t-shirts with electric guitars is enormous. Generally, there are two types of t-shirts with electric guitars.

The first is t-shirts with an electric guitar but not a specific brand. Like in the example below (check out the article about it and find out how to buy it: Gift for guitarist – T shirt gift for guitar player or lover.

Gift for guitarist – T shirt black

The second type of t-shirts with electric guitars are t-shirts with the name or guitar of a specific manufacturer, usually sold in the company stores of those manufacturers. The most popular t-shirts with guitars from specific manufacturers are listed below, but this is a subjective list and someone may not find a t-shirt with the guitar of their favorite manufacturer or brand:

Fender t shirt

Fender guitar t-shirts and Gibson t-shirts are probably the most popular guitar t-shirts for guitarists. It was Leo Fender who invented the shape of the electric guitar as we know it. The basic Fender shape – the Stratocaster model – became a template for other guitar brands that began to design their own electric guitars. You may associate the prototype of the Fender electric guitar with musicians such as Jimi Hendrix or Eric Clapton. The Fender guitar shape became so popular that even if the Fender name is not written on the t-shirts, guitarists still know that it refers to this brand. All that is needed is a print on the shirt featuring the characteristic shape of the Fender guitar body or the Fender Stratocaster headstock. A Fender t-shirt can be a great gift idea for a guitarist for someone who may not necessarily play the guitar themselves, but loves guitar music.

Gibson t shirt

Gibson t-shirts are just as popular as Fender t-shirts. The distinctive shape of the Gibson guitar is so unique that any guitarist, even an amateur, can recognize it in half a second. Some of the most well-known guitarists who play Gibsons include Slash from Guns N’ Roses and Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin. Similarly to the guitar t-shirts from Fender, the authors of Gibson guitar t-shirts don’t even have to write on them that they are from the Gibson brand. The shape is so recognizable that even amateur guitarists can immediately recognize it. If you play the guitar, you probably consider one of these guitar brands to be better and prefer it. The debate over “whether Gibson or Fender is better” has been going on for decades and shows no signs of ending anytime soon. If the person you want to give a Gibson t-shirt to plays the guitar and you are certain they prefer Gibsons, don’t hesitate for a moment. Buy it!

Ibanez t shirt

Ibanez guitars and Ibanez t-shirts are for so-called shredders. You can finds the definition of a guitar shredder not only on Wikipedia, but also on a special, funny t-shirt with the definition of a guitar shredder. As for t-shirts with Ibanez guitars, they are for guitarists who use instruments of this brand. The second group is fans of guitar music, especially fans of guitarists who are associated with the Japanese brand Ibanez. Let’s mention some of them: Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, guitarists from Korn, Paul Gilbert (Mr Big). The shape of Ibanez guitars on Ibanez guitar t-shirts comes from the shape of Fender guitars, and although many guitarists may argue with that, they certainly won’t deny that Ibanez is more similar to Fender than Gibson…

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Jackson guitars t shirt

Jackson Guitars t-shirts are products definitely made for guitar shredders, just like Ibanez t-shirts. Guitarists playing heavy music, especially heavy metal, have taken a liking to guitars with the Jackson logo. It’s no surprise that mainly guitarists who play on Jackson guitars buy Jackson Guitars t-shirts. In the last decades, you could hear and see bands such as Anthrax, Megadeth, Machine Head, Iron Maiden, Sepultura and many, many others using Jackson guitars. You can confidently buy a Jackson guitars t-shirt for someone who loves listening to any of these bands, or who owns a Jackson electric guitar themselves.

PRS t shirt

PRS T-shirts are not as popular as Fender T-shirts, Gibson T-shirts, or Ibanez T-shirts. PRS is a brand more for connoisseurs. The most famous guitarist playing PRS guitars is Carlos Santana. T-shirts with Santana are probably more popular than PRS guitar T-shirts, but the fan base for this brand is growing. One of the most spectacular examples is John Mayer, who gave up Fender guitars in favor of his own signature PRS guitar. You can be sure that if you buy someone a PRS Guitar T-shirt, when they meet someone else wearing a PRS shirt, they will be able to talk about their passion for a long time.

Gretsch t shirt

Gretsch T-shirts are products for enthusiasts. The brand is chosen less frequently than other well-known guitar manufacturers. However, someone who uses Gretsch guitars definitely has important reasons, such as sentimentality or habit (or a guitar from their grandfather or father). Interestingly, for some people, Gretsch means more of a drum manufacturer and less of a guitar manufacturer, but if you know that your friend plays a Gretsch guitar and doesn’t want to hear about other guitars, you can definitely buy them a Gretsch t shirt.

Martin guitar t shirt

Martin guitar T-shirts are not included in this list by chance. Many of you know that this company does not produce typical electric guitars but acoustic guitars that are used by many musicians on stage and in professional studios for recording albums. These are beautiful, high-quality instruments, so now you know why the silhouette of Martin guitars also often appears on T-shirts. If you meet someone in a Martin guitar t shirt, you can be sure that they are either a professional guitarist who uses these guitars or someone who likes acoustic guitars and considers them the most beautiful and best-sounding. Do you know anyone who has a Martin guitar worth thousands of dollars? I wonder if they would like a Martin guitar T-shirt for just a few dollars?

Rickenbacker t shirt

Rickenbacker T-shirts are also popular not only among guitar fans but also fans of old traditional rock sound. This is also because the shapes of Rickenbacker instruments are so original and distinctive that they cannot be mistaken for other instruments. Additionally, iconic musicians such as The Beatles and Lemmy from Motorhead played Rickenbacker electric and bass guitars. So, if you want people to consider you an expert in classic rock sound, you need to buy yourself a Rickenbacker t shirt with an outline of an electric or bass Rickenbacker guitar.

Funny Guitar Hero t shirt 🙂

Finally, something unconventional – a (funny) guitar Hero shirt. As you know, Guitar Hero is a popular game that doesn’t actually require the skill of playing a real electric guitar. Interestingly, there are also t-shirts available on the market with the words “Guitar Hero” on them, which have nothing to do with the game or brand. Simply put, someone who wears such a shirt wants to emphasize that they are a guitar hero, someone who stands out among the crowd of guitarists. If you want to make a nice gift for someone close to you who also plays guitar, consider buying a guitar hero t shirt.

Unique guitar shirts

Unique guitar shirts category is a proposal for guitarists and friends of guitarists who want to give them a special gift. Unique guitar t-shirts are for people who don’t want to buy a regular shirt with a logo of a well-known brand or a funny and popular slogan like the ones in the examples at the beginning of the article. Ideally, unique guitar shirts should be produced in a single copy, which would make them truly unique. This is practically impossible because it would be unprofitable. Therefore, the unique guitar shirts category includes shirts that you probably won’t see on anyone else, or during a walk around the city, because there are too few of them. An example of this is the shirt presented below:

VAN GOGHLEN T-shirt oryginal


T shirt gift for guitar player 

As we know, most guitar-themed shirts either feature the name of a specific guitar brand, a recognizable shape of a guitar from a particular manufacturer, or a guitar motif with a funny caption.

The choice is yours. Do you want a guitar shirt with a popular motif, or a unique guitar shirt?