Pairs Of Opposites in Earning

Official information about the book for teenagers and adults “Pairs of Opposites in Earning: How to choose a job and live happily”. Find out why every teenager (but also many adults) should know this non-obvious knowledge before starting their career or changing to a better job. Read about what it means to “be satisfied with your job” and use the special tool “Pairs of Opposites in Earning”. This way, you will quickly understand what to do or what you are doing wrong.

Pairs of Opposites in Earning: How to choose a job and live happily – the Book for Teenagers read by Adults

Why the book “Pairs of Opposites in Earning” can be read by both teenagers and adults? Because it tells teenagers how to make a decision about choosing a job, profession, or occupation that they will support themselves with, and it can help adults make a decision about changing jobs to one that will finally make them happy. It’s good that you came across this website. There is a book described here for teenagers about how to choose a profession. It’s an ideal book for young people to plan their careers. Even if you think it’s too early for that, you will surely be happy if your child gets interested in books on choosing their professional career now.

Why is the knowledge from the book “Pairs of Opposites in Earning: How to choose a job and live happily” so important for teenagers?

At what age is it worth reading this book? A book for teenagers is a relative term. It’s important to become familiar with the knowledge of opposites in earning before deciding on how we will make a living. As a teenager, we already have dreams about what our future life should look like and what should be in it to make us happy. The knowledge from this book allows us to use pairs of opposites in earning –   extreme qualities that our job may have – to determine whether our profession will suit us. Young people often do not have enough knowledge and experience to objectively evaluate the pros and cons of the job they dream of.

What if a teenager doesn’t know what job they want to have in the future? Career planning – the best book for teenagers?

If a young person doesn’t know what they want to do in the future, what profession they want to have, where they want to work, reading this book right now is the best thing they can do. Why? Because by doing so, they will get to know pairs of opposites in earning and with their help, they will be able to analyze future professions when they already have a specific occupation in mind.

Pairs of Opposites in Earning book cover

(Pairs of Opposites in Earning: book cover) 

Definition: Pairs of Opposites in Earning

Definition: Pairs of Opposites in Earning: A set of opposite characteristics used to assess and describe a particular profession and its key advantages and disadvantages. The term Pairs of Opposites in Earning was proposed by Tomasz Targoński in his book entitled Pairs of Opposites in Earning: How to choose a job and live happily, first published in January 2023 on the Amazon platform. The first edition of the book contains 15 pairs described in the subchapters of the book and compiled in a table included in the book.

Career planning for teens – what should you know as a parent?

If you’re a parent, you surely sometimes wonder at what age your child should start thinking about who they want to become in the future, and how they want to earn a living. Every parent wants their child to be happy with their career in the future. If you’re one of those parents, you’ve come to the right place. The book “Pairs of Opposites in Earning” will be useful both if your child already has dreams related to work and if they don’t know what they want to do in the future yet. This book is a guide for teenagers on career planning.

Why is Pairs of Opposites in Earning a book for young people, but so often read by adults?

Many adults, not just parents of teenagers, don’t feel satisfied with the job they have. This also applies to cases where adults have found the job they dreamed of in their youth. When you’re a teenager, your idea of a job can be very different from what the profession looks like in reality. Someone young starts a job they’ve always dreamed of, but after a few years they begin to feel that it’s not suitable for them. The Pairs of Opposites in Earning guide includes a tool, a table, that can help identify the characteristics of our job that turned out to be drawbacks. This could be the first step in considering whether and how to change something in your professional life. It’s never too late, but you need to have a plan. To have a plan, you need to know where you stand. The Pairs of Opposites in Earning described in the book will help you determine this.

Warning: The book “The Pairs of Opposites in Earning” may initially overwhelm you, but that doesn’t mean you should give up

As you read the book, you may discover why you are not satisfied with your job, if that is the case. The Pairs Of Opposites in Earning have been described to help everyone assess whether the job they want to pursue suits their preferences. Often these preferences are not even conscious. Only by examples and opposites presented in the book will some people begin to realize the advantages and disadvantages of their work. If reading this book helps you uncover more disadvantages than advantages, it may not be a pleasant experience, but know that it can be a starting point for evaluating your situation and possibly starting a new chapter in your life.

How can You recognize that the book I’m buying is genuine?

Currently, the original book in both paperback and Kindle e-book format can only be purchased on the Amazon platform. Therefore, if you bought the book from somewhere else, you probably acquired a counterfeit and illegal version. The only exception may be the purchase of a used book from someone who bought it legally and new on Amazon. Through the Amazon platform, you can purchase this book in many countries worldwide. The book is available in both English and the author’s native language, which is Polish.

Where and how to buy the book “Pairs Of Opposites in Earning”?

As of today, the book can only be purchased through the Amazon platform, where it is available in both English and Polish (the author of the book is from Poland). The English version is available as an ebook for the Amazon Kindle reader. You can also purchase the printed version in a softcover format. The Polish language version for Kindle is not available. Click on the links below to go to the Amazon platform and purchase the book in the format that is best for you:

KINDLE: Buy Kindle Version: Pairs Of Opposites in Earning: How to choose a job and live happily >>>


PAPERBACK: Buy PAPERBACK Version: Pairs Of Opposites in Earning: How to choose a job and live happily >>>


PAPERBACK (Polish language): Kup wersję polską w miękkiej okładce: Pary Przeciwieństw w Zarabianiu: Jak wybrać pracę i żyć szczęśliwie >>>


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