Interactive T-shirt for guitarists with a hidden message

This interactive T-shirt for guitarists works in such a way that if a guitarist sees it and can decipher the chords depicted on the print and imagine their sound, they should immediately hum a very well-known song from around the world, specifically its chorus.

An interactive T-shirt for guitarists with a hidden message. How to find out what the message is? The shirt reads Hum it now, If you’re a guitarist

I have a challenge for you instead of a message. I won’t tell you the title of the song or its chorus, which any reasonably good guitarist should recognize. If you’re a guitarist, all you need to do is take a quick glance at those three chords and you’ll know. If you’re buying this interactive T-shirt for someone else, you’ll need to find a guitarist who can help you decipher it. Send him this article and we’ll both see if he’s good enough to solve the puzzle.

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Interactive T-shirt for guitarists hidden message

What should happen when a guitarist sees it? How does the Interactive T-Shirt for guitarists work? 

As you can see, the T-Shirt includes a call to action – “Hum it now when you see it.” However, in order to hum it, one must “play the three chords in their head” to recognize the melody and chorus that people all around the world sing at concerts, parties, campsites, music clubs, and more. Imagine wearing this T-Shirt in a public place, like a grocery store. You’re standing in line and suddenly you hear someone behind you humming the chorus of a well-known song. They don’t have to hum it; they can sing it or even whistle it like the band Scorpions in the beginning of “Wind of Change”. What’s important is that if you hear the melody from the hidden message, you’ll immediately know that you’re in the presence of a guitarist. It can be quite amusing. And one more thing – if you play the guitar or if any of your friends play the guitar, be sure to check out the Gift for guitarist.

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Interactive T-shirt for guitarists with a hidden message. What message? Hint.

As you can see in the photo on the shirt, there are two phrases:

Hum it now


If you’re a guitarist too

There are also graphic representations of three guitar chords. These chords are GDC (G major, D major, C major). If you don’t know what song it is and you don’t play the guitar, ask someone who does to play them for you. You will immediately recognize the melody. You can also call a guitarist or a well-known musician and ask them over the phone, “What song, a worldwide hit, starts with G major, D major, C major chords?” It can be a really fun situation.

The original Interactive T-shirt for guitarists with the GDC chords is only available on Amazon, at this link. All other shirts are unauthorized imitations.

Here’s a direct link to the legal pattern on Amazon